Resident Engagement

What's the point of a system if your residents don't use it?

Savvy Citizen is different from all other systems in a number of ways, but one of mission critical significance is ensuring that your residents use it and continue to use it.

Resident Acquisition

Leveraging a number of traditional and digital marketing channels, Savvy Citizen helps municipalities market this exciting service to residents. Marketing research dictates that it takes as many as 5 to 7 impressions for someone to engage a product. Savvy Citizen can advise municipalities on the most effective and economical ways to market to citizens.

Once a plan is determined, the Savvy Citizen Team can carry out the majority of the heavy lifting.

Resident Retention

Obtaining resident sign ups is only the first step. Keeping residents engaged by delivering helpful information is mission critical. Savvy Citizen provides regular notification suggestions based on seasonal and other factors.

Here are some examples.

Quick Citizen Uptake

The Savvy Citizen App Team enabled us to reach 5 percent of our citizens within the first 3 months. Resident sign-ups continue to grow each week, as more citizens learn how Savvy Citizen App can keep them aware of township events and reminders.
Chuck Dizard Township Supervisor Harrison Township


We were pleased with the customer support and marketing efforts given to Marshall Township by the Savvy Citizen App Team. Their weekly suggestions for message content helps us to be proactive when posting reminders to our citizens.
Jennifer Kinzler Township Treasurer Marshall Township

An example of the build up of citizens following communities.

Getting started is easy.

In just a few simple steps, your community will be up and running.



Registration is simple, easy, and free. We simply need a little bit of information to verify you represent your community.

There is no commitment to use the service.


Review offer.

Once approved, you'll receive an email letting you know that your account is ready to be setup.

You'll be able to review your official price, payment options, and any discounts.



Choose your payment plan, and enter your payment method. Your chosen recurring payment will be setup and start immediately.

You can cancel at any time from the website.


Blast off.

You will immediately gain access to Savvy Citizen’s administrative features for your community.

Start setting up shop by creating additional users, populating your calendar or sending a notification.

We'll work quickly to let your residents and those of your neighboring communities know they can now follow you on Savvy Citizen.

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