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  • Who is the Savvy Citizen service for in government?

    Employees that may be responsible for providing and purchasing a mass communication alert system and community calendar, including:

    Public Information Officer (PIO): A PIO is responsible for managing public relations and communication efforts for a government agency, including developing and implementing communication plans and overseeing the use of communication tools such as mass communication products and community calendars.

    Emergency Management Director: An Emergency Management Director is responsible for planning and coordinating emergency preparedness and response activities for a government agency, which may include implementing a local community communication system to notify the public of emergency situations.

    Communications Director: A Communications Director is responsible for overseeing all communication efforts for a government agency, including the use of these systems to inform the public of important news and events.

    IT Manager: An IT Manager may be responsible for the technical implementation of a mass communication system, including selecting and purchasing the appropriate software and hardware to support the system.

    Procurement Officer: A Procurement Officer is responsible for purchasing goods and services for a government agency, which may include procuring software for municipal communications.

    Information Officer: An Information Officer is responsible for managing and disseminating information for a government agency to inform the public of important news and events.

    Community Outreach Coordinator: A Community Outreach Coordinator is responsible for engaging with the community on behalf of a government agency, which may include utilizing a community calendar to promote events and activities, and a mass communication alert system to inform the public of important news and emergency situations.

  • What features does the Savvy Citizen service offer that other mass notification systems do not?

    Savvy Citizen offers a unique feature that sets it apart from other mass notification systems: the ability for residents to follow neighboring communities. Unlike traditional systems that restrict residents to their home community, Savvy Citizen recognizes that people often have connections and interactions in neighboring areas. By following neighboring communities, residents gain a one-stop-shop for local information, staying informed about events, news, and announcements in multiple areas. This feature enhances community engagement and fosters a sense of connectedness among residents, making Savvy Citizen a comprehensive and inclusive platform for staying informed about both their home community and neighboring areas.

  • Can the Savvy Citizen service integrate with our existing emergency notification system?

    Savvy Citizen, while being a comprehensive notification system, does not integrate with existing emergency notification systems. However, this is advantageous as it allows for a centralized platform that can handle both emergency alerts and other helpful information. With Savvy Citizen, you have the ability to share a wide range of information with residents on a daily basis, ensuring that they stay informed about various community updates, events, and important announcements, in addition to emergency alerts. This all-in-one solution streamlines communication and provides a convenient way to engage with residents effectively.

  • How does the Savvy Citizen service handle data privacy and security?

    • All-access points to the system use SSL with SHA-256 encryption certifications.
    • All authorization cookies are encrypted, HTTP only, and require SSL to transfer.
    • All data processing servers and databases exist in a private subnet with access restricted only to select qualified software and infrastructure engineers that requires VPN access from MSA’s internal network.
    • All data is stored encrypted.
    • All user passwords are one-way hashed.
    • Personal information is only accessible to the person who owns it and only after being successfully authenticated.
    • The mobile app does not store any sensitive information on the device itself.
    • All government user functionality is restricted using claims-based security that requires successful authentication.

  • Is the Savvy Citizen service customizable to fit the unique needs of our community?

    Absolutely! The Savvy Citizen service is highly customizable to cater to the unique needs of your community. The dedicated Savvy Citizen team works closely with each community to address their specific communication requirements. For instance, communities have the flexibility to determine the amount of content they wish to provide to residents, including local non-profits and community groups. Moreover, administrative access can be granted to trusted departments or groups as needed. Additionally, residents have the option to subscribe or unsubscribe to different informational categories, allowing them to personalize the information they receive based on their preferences. This level of customization ensures that the communication experience is tailored to meet the diverse needs and interests of your community members.

  • How does the Savvy Citizen service handle message delivery to ensure that notifications reach the right people at the right time?

    The Savvy Citizen service employs a thoughtful approach to message delivery, ensuring that notifications reach the right people at the right time. Administrators have the ability to determine the urgency of each notification during the creation process. This allows them to specify when the notification should be sent to residents. Non-urgent messages are scheduled for delivery between 9 am and 9 pm, aligning with convenient hours for recipients. On the other hand, urgent or emergency alerts are given top priority and are sent immediately to ensure prompt dissemination of critical information. By offering this flexible and customizable delivery system, Savvy Citizen enables effective and timely communication with residents, keeping them informed when it matters most.

  • Does the Savvy Citizen service provide analytics to help track the effectiveness of our notifications?

    Administrators have access to a subscriber count, which provides valuable insights into the reach and impact of your information. This subscriber count is conveniently available on your Savvy Citizen dashboard, allowing you to monitor the number of people who are receiving your notifications in real time. By providing this analytics feature, Savvy Citizen empowers administrators with the necessary data to assess the effectiveness of their communication efforts and make informed decisions to enhance their engagement with the community.

  • Can the Savvy Citizen service be used to send non-emergency notifications, such as community event reminders or public policy updates?

    Yes! Our notification system is designed to handle more than just emergency alerts. It offers a comprehensive communication solution for your community, allowing you to send various types of notifications, including community event reminders, public policy updates, and other important announcements. It's a versatile tool that empowers you to keep your residents well-informed and engaged. Countless local governments across the country have successfully utilized our service to deliver a wide range of valuable information to their communities. Administrators and residents alike appreciate the flexibility and effectiveness of our system in meeting the unique communication needs of their communities.

  • What type of customer support does the Savvy Citizen service offer?

    The Savvy Citizen support team is dedicated to providing exceptional customer service to ensure your success. Whether you have questions during the onboarding process, need assistance with creating custom marketing materials, or seek guidance on effectively engaging with residents, our team is here to help. We offer personalized support and are available to address your concerns, provide best practices, and offer insights on leveraging the Savvy Citizen platform to its fullest potential. We value your partnership and are committed to ensuring your experience with Savvy Citizen is seamless and rewarding.

  • Can members of our police use this?

    Yes. You have the ability to invite people to your community's team and allow them to create notifications.

  • Who is authorized to send messages?

    Whoever you want. You can invite other municipal employees to your team and determine whether or not they require approval before anything they create goes public.

  • Can you replace our website's calendar?

    Yes. With the purchase of the Plugin Add-on (optional), you can replace your website's calendar with our calendar plugin which will automatically display whatever you enter into Savvy Citizen. This means you only need to enter your events one time. It also means that you will have full control over your website's calendar.

  • Can we post notifications on our website?

    Yes. With the purchase of the Plugin Add-on (optional), you can include a notification plugin on your website which will show notifications you have created in Savvy Citizen on your website.

  • Can I include links to our website in our notifications and events?

    Yes. You can include links to your website or any other website in your notifications and events. Doing so can actually drive quite a bit of traffic to your website.

  • Is there any special installation or hardware needs?

    No. All you need is a computer or tablet with an Internet connection. Savvy Citizen is fully hosted by us and made available to you 24x7.

  • Can you handle big cities?

    Yes. Our cloud based system is designed to automatically scale up to handle high demands.

Impact to Residents

  • How do residents receive their messages?

    Messages are received based on each individuals communication preferences. They can choose to receive push notifications (if using the app), text messages, and/or email.

  • How will residents know to download Savvy Citizen once my municipality subscribes?

    Savvy Citizen is unique in that we provide our clients with marketing assistance in order to get their residents engaged and signed up to follow their local government. We want to help you! Our goal is to ensure your success in reaching your residents via Savvy Citizen. We have developed various marketing strategies and suggestions for communities of all sizes. Marketing channels include: Direct mail, road signs, social media ads/posts, local newspapers/periodicals and much more.

  • Is there a cost to our residents?

    No. Residents can use our services free of charge.

  • Can residents communicate back to us via Savvy Citizen?

    No. Savvy Citizen is one-way communication from the municipality to residents. This is by design as two way communication can be problematic. Residents are free to use the traditional communication methods (phone, email, etc.) to engage the municipality if they wish.

Why Savvy Citizen?

  • We have a website. Why do we need Savvy Citizen?

    Good question. Most residents don't frequent their municipal website often and will miss time sensitive information. Savvy Citizen can deliver information directly to your residents. In addition, you can include a link back to your website which will help drive traffic to it.

  • We use Facebook to communicate with our residents. Why do we need Savvy Citizen?

    Facebook is an unreliable and untrusted mechanism for getting the word out. You can see why in "Why Social Media Doesn't Work".

  • I manage a small municipality and we don’t have many events/notifications to send. Do I still need Savvy Citizen?

    Yes. Many municipalities have more to say to residents than they realize. While smaller communities may provide less services, there are still many opportunities over the course of the year to engage residents. For example, all municipalities have elections, maintain their roadways, advertise job postings and may adjust/close their offices for holidays. The majority of municipalities have community events like community day, holiday parades, and other public outreach. Additionally, weather events occasionally cause interruption to utility service and road closures.

    Our system also provides content suggestions regularly and we have a growing database of great post ideas.

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