Easy-to-use, useful features

With Savvy Citizen, Notifications, Alerts, and Events are pushed directly to residents in real-time via their preferred method. Unlike social media and other communication methods, you can be assured that your message is received.

Updates can be sent to residents in less than a minute with no training required. Our features help you communicate quickly and save critical time.

Use on any device

Interactive Calendar
Our interactive calendar makes it easy to schedule and manage events. Your residents and those of your neighboring communities will be able to see the events you have planned quickly.

On-Demand Real-Time Notifications
Savvy Citizen makes it a snap any time you need to get the word out, be it a quick reminder or an emergency.

Multiple Communication Channels
Your citizens can determine how they would like to be communicated with, making it convenient for everyone.

A Complete Solution
With Team Management, area weather and traffic integration, affordability, and much more, Savvy Citizen is designed to accommodate all of your needs.

A single platform to provide direct connections to residents during tough times

Keep residents safe and informed

Hard times happen when you least expect them. During these times, people want to be connected to their local government to stay up-to-date with important news and information such as public service announcements, public safety precautions, community resources, and changes to municipal events and meetings.

We are here to help!

If you are interested in using Savvy Citizen to communicate with residents, we can have you up and running in the same day. We are prepared to immediately support you with marketing tactics and suggestions to engage your residents. With our help, you can start informing them on day one.

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Benefits of Savvy Citizen

Local governments are bridging the communication gap with their residents, using Savvy Citizen to engage with them and surrounding communities. See what Savvy Citizen can do for you.

Informed citizens

Informed Citizens

Improve the relationship with your residents by giving them timely information in an easy-to-use, convenient manner. Avoid angry phone calls and confusion while being prepared for an emergency

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Event awareness

Event Awareness

Using Savvy Citizen's robust calendar to schedule your gatherings is not only easy, it helps you promote and manage changes to your events.

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Resident engagement

Resident Engagement

Municipalities can spend endless resources on the business of improved websites, mobile text emergency communication systems, and reverse 911 systems, however, this is money wasted unless residents are aware of and use these emergency notification services.

Savvy Citizen addresses this challenge head-on. Through continuous testing with our clients, we have developed best-practice marketing strategies to engage and retain residents.

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Community synergy

Community synergy

Resident’s lives don’t revolve around municipal boundaries. Folks who live in one municipality may work, shop and enjoy activities in neighboring communities.

Savvy Citizen provides residents with information and events from participating surrounding communities, furnishing residents with a "one stop shop" of reliable community information. You also benefit from this feature when scheduling events to ensure there is no overlap with other municipalities.

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All Information, One Place

Someone may live in Spring Garden, work in Lower Windsor, but have family in Dover Township. With Savvy Citizen, they can receive important information from all three in a single location.
Marcy Krum-Tinsley Township Manager Spring Garden Township

Reach Residents in Minutes

As a Savvy Citizen municipal user, I have found the system is very easy to use. I love the accessibility in that I can create events or notifications from my desk or from my phone and reach our residents within minutes. It is so intuitive to use, no training was required.
Carissima Kerns Borough Secretary Crafton Borough

Case Studies

Take a more in-depth look at how communities are benefiting from Savvy Citizen.


Quickly disseminated information to residents during hurricane Idalia. Download PDF

Borough of Crafton

Used Savvy Citizen to dramatically increase resident engagement. Download PDF

New Freedom Borough

Shut down their Facebook page and used Savvy Citizen to combat misinformation and resident arguments. Download PDF

Township of Richland

Sold out of ski tickets after one notification via Savvy Citizen. Download PDF

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