Resident Access & Functional Needs Reply Card


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Sunday, December 24, 2023 (All day event)

Occurs the 24th day of every month beginning 9/1/2023 until 1/1/2024 (all day event)

19 School House Rd, Boyertown, PA 19512, USA

Earl Emergency Management!
In a effort to help Earl Township Residents in an emergency in Earl Township, I'm sending out a "Needs Reply Card".
The information on this card is to help emergency response personal to better understand residents needs in an emergency. All information is confidential, and only used by authorized personnel!
1. Who needs to fill out the card? All residents that have special needs.
2. What if I answer YES to any question? Return this card to the Township Building or Email to
3. What if I don't need to fill out the card? It is important for you local Emergency Management to communicate
with all residents in Earl Township. (Facebook, Township Newsletter, Savvy Citizen) Spread the word to all friends and neighbors to sign up for Savvy Citizen phone/computer app. Check Newsletter for Card or Township office.


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