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Sun, Jun 16 @ 6:50pm

We are now looking at a high (70%) chance for tropical development in the Gulf of Mexico. We could see a tropical depression or weak tropical storm form this week.

Key Information:
- Expected Development: Tropical depression or weak tropical storm
- Potential Impact: Showers expected to reach the Coastal Bend as soon as tomorrow morning

Preparation Steps:
1. Stay Informed: Follow updates from reliable sources.
2. Secure Property: Ensure that outdoor items are secured and that your property is prepared for potential strong winds and rain.
3. Emergency Kit: Check and restock your emergency kit with essential supplies including water, food, medications, and flashlights.

Stay safe and take the necessary precautions to protect yourself and your family.

For further updates and detailed information, please stay tuned to local news channels and official weather advisories.

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