Borough of Crafton Launches Major Public Stairway Renovation Project

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Wed, May 15 @ 1:58pm

Borough of Crafton Launches Major Public Stairway Renovation Project

CRAFTON, PA (May 7, 2024) – The Borough of Crafton has embarked on a major renovation project to restore and modernize a portion of its iconic public stairway system, a defining feature of the community's landscape and connectivity.

"Crafton's public stairs are more than just walkways – they are a vital part of our community fabric that connect neighborhoods and enhance quality of life," said Council President, John Oliverio. "With hundreds of vertical feet of stairways crisscrossing our borough, maintaining them is important for promoting walkability and multi-modal transit."

With a total construction cost estimated at $585,000, Crafton is replacing the railing on the Afton to Belvidere stairs, and completely replacing the stairs from Fountain St. to Promenade St. and from Walnut St. to Crafton Blvd. Crafton partnered with State Senator Wayne Fontana and State Representative Dan Deasy to secure $293,911 in ARPA funding from the Redevelopment Authority of Allegheny County, and $200,000 of additional support generously provided from the Gaming Economic Development Tourism Fund. The next two sets of steps will be under construction from late May to August.

Public stairways are a defining part of Crafton and metropolitan Pittsburgh as a whole. Many of the region’s public stairways are in a state of disrepair, and we are working to improve them. “We see our stairways just like we see our streets,” said Larry Keenan, the borough’s Engineer. “If a street has a pothole, we fill it. If a public staircase needs improvements, we work to improve it. Both are important for our urban fabric.”

According to Mayor Coletta Perry, many of the borough's public stairways date back to the when the trolley first started running in Crafton and play a crucial role in connecting the hilly terrain to residential areas, business districts and public transit. Regionally, it's estimated that over 24,000 vertical feet of public stairways crisscross Pittsburgh's neighborhoods and boroughs.

Crafton is located just 5 miles west of downtown Pittsburgh. For more information about the borough's stairway renovations, please contact our Engineer at 412-921-0752 extension 16.

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