First Annual Photo Contest!

Borough of Crafton

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Fri, May 24 @ 9am

First Annual Crafton Borough Photo Contest!

Crafton Borough invites you to join the competition and the fun by sharing your favorite picture or pictures of Crafton. Don’t have a favorite? Go take more photos! The winners will be recognized in the next Crafton Courier Newsletter, and we will have the photos printed in a larger format and hung in the Borough Building or the Community Center for all to enjoy.

The contest has four categories, and each will have a winner:





This contest is currently limited to digital photography.

The final date for submissions is Monday, July 1st. Submissions will be judged Crafton’s Recreation Board and the winners will be announced in the next Newsletter. If you do this for a business, we will recognize your professional affiliation. Winners will receive a desktop sized print of their photo, and the large format photo will hang in the Borough Building, Council Chambers, or the Community Center in perpetuity or until they are removed by a future administration.

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