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Wed, Apr 17 @ 1:27pm

York County Solid Waste Authority Elicits Feedback from Residents On Future of York County’s Waste Management System

The York County Solid Waste Authority (YCSWA) recently posted a survey link asking residents to “Talk Trash to Us”. The survey, located at www.TalkTrashToUs.com is an effort from the YCSWA to gain knowledge about how those who live and work in York County perceive the YCSWA and what they would like to see in trash management in the future.

The ten-question survey focuses on how well the YCSWA is currently communicating with their residents, how residents feel about waste minimization, recycling and reuse in homes, the convenience of current recycling and waste disposal in the county and what residents would like to see in future waste management practices in York County. The collected information will be used for future waste planning for York County. The survey is important to YCSWA as it values the thoughts and opinions of those who live and work in the county.

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YCSWA facilitates responsible solid waste management through an integrated strategy that emphasizes waste reduction, education, recycling, and resource recovery. YCSWA is the owner of the York County Resource Recovery Center, a Small Load Drop Off Facility, a Recyclable Materials Drop-off Center, an Ash Recycling & Processing Facility, an Education Center, and the closed York County Sanitary Landfill which hosts the Hopewell Area Recreational Complex.

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