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Borough of Crafton

At Your Door Special Collection: Home Pickup Program for Household Hazardous Waste.

As part of the residential solid waste and recycling contract with Waste Management, Crafton residents now have a convenient new opportunity to dispose of their household hazardous waste (HHW) safely, easily, and responsibly. Waste Management is introducing At Your Door Special Collection, a new residential service to provide year-round HHW collections for you.

How Does It Work?
To participate, you must contact the Call Center at 1-800-449-7587 to set up a collection appointment.
The Call Center operators will guide you through the steps toward a safe and successful collection. You will be asked several questions, including your address and the type and amount of materials available for collection. You will be provided a convenient collection date and information about where to place the HHW kit for collection. A kit will be sent to your home in plenty of time for you to gather and pack your materials.

Preparing for collection.
The HHW kit includes a program instruction sheet and other items to help pack and secure household hazardous waste. All materials, such as gasoline, poisons, pesticides and aerosols, must be placed into the kit. Other items may be placed outside the kit.

HHW materials is collected
On the scheduled date, the customer service technician will collect materials directly from your home. They will sort and pack the materials for proper transportation, recycling and disposal. Participants will receive a postage-paid survey card to complete and mail back to help track the program.

You have more material than will fit into the kit?

Don’t worry. Remember, this service is available year-round for Crafton Borough residents. Just schedule another collection! Small quantities may be combined with your neighbors. Waste Management’s Call Center (1-800-449-7587) will be happy to explain your options.

At Your Door Special Collection – How to Prepare Your Hazardous Household Waste for Collection
Examples of acceptable items:

Pool Chemicals
Used Motor Oil
Garden Chemicals
Oil-Based and Latex Paints
Metal Polish
Automotive Batteries
Fluorescent Bulbs
Computer Monitors
Consumer Electronics with Circuit Boards
No console, lamps, appliances, exercise equipment, etc.

Materials that WILL NOT be collected as part of the At Your Door Special Collection.
Any materials in unlabeled or leaking containers

If you have questions about proper disposal methods for non-acceptable items, commercial chemicals or hazardous materials in containers larger than five gallons, please contact the Call Center at 1-800-449-7587.

More information can be found at https://www.craftonborough.com/trash-recycling.

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