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Fri, May 31, 2024 from 2pm to 6pm

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Prerequisite Water Skills
Date: May 31st @ 2pm
Location: Callahan Park Pool
Contact: Chelsea Schwab 814-331-3769 or cakahle15@gmail.com
Must be 15 or older to apply

Each candidate must be able to perform the following water skills at the skills test day on 5/17/24. Candidates who are unable to perform and of these prerequisite water skills will not be able to continue on in the course.

** 300-yard continuous swim (12laps)
** tread water 2 minutes without hands

In under 1 1/2 minutes: swim 20 yards, then submerge to a depth of 9 feet and retrieve a 10-pound diving brick, then kick on your back with brick held by two hands back to the starting point.

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