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Normally Occurs every 2 weeks on Wednesday beginning 4/17/2024 until 11/13/2024 (all day event)
This schedule has changes.
Wednesday, July 24, 2024 (All day event)
Wednesday, August 7, 2024 (All day event)
Wednesday, August 21, 2024 (All day event)
Thursday, September 5, 2024 (All day event) Changed Time Changed Description
Wednesday, September 18, 2024 (All day event)
Wednesday, October 2, 2024 (All day event)
Wednesday, October 16, 2024 (All day event)
Wednesday, October 30, 2024 (All day event)
Wednesday, November 13, 2024 (All day event)

In 2023, the Borough of Crafton, purchased a new Vermer BC1500 Brush Chipper. This equipment allows the Crafton Public Works Department to process and facilitate the recycling of wood waste in the Borough. This service is offered April 15th through November 15th of each year.

Crafton Borough Yard Waste Collection Notice

Important: The Borough will ONLY collect the following yard waste:

1. Branches under 5 inches in diameter and under 10 feet long.
2. Compostable paper bags weighing less than 40 lbs.
3. Will fit in one pick-up truck.
4. Requests must be made by 4:00 pm on Tuesday during the week of collection.

If Public Works encounters larger branches, unbagged debris, or non-compostable bags, they will not collect it.

Collection Schedule:

· April 17 to November 13, 2024
· Every other Wednesday (same as recycling pickup week)
· Weather permitting

To request pickup:

· Submit a request online or call the Borough Administrative Office by 4 PM the day before collection
· Collections occur Wednesday through Friday of the scheduled week

Branch Requirements:

· Diameter: Less than 5 inches
· Length: Up to 10 feet
· Volume: Should fit in a pickup truck

Bagged Yard Waste:

· Use only compostable paper bags
· Weight limit: Less than 40 lbs per bag
· Contents: Leaves and small yard debris only – no soil, fill, or gravel.


· Do NOT place yard waste in regular garbage bags.
· Hedge cuttings, limbs, and branches are prohibited in regular trash (PA Act 101).
· Our waste haulers will not collect these items with regular garbage.

Service Request:

Crafton Administrative Office: (412) 921-0752 x 10.

Borough of Crafton
Crafton Public Works

Change History

  • Mon, Jul 1 @ 4:13pm - The event's description was changed.
  • Wed, Jun 5 @ 8:50am - The event's description was changed. Message from Borough of Crafton: Request deadline is 4PM the day prior to pickup.

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