Savvy Citizen is an affordable feature-rich service that makes your job communicating with residents easier than ever.

Interactive Calendar

Our interactive calendar makes it easy to schedule and manage events. Your residents and those of your neighboring communities will be able to quickly see the events you have planned.


Savvy Citizen has a complete scheduling system that allows for creating one-time or recurring events as well as changing or cancelling specific occurrences.

Smart Preview

Our smart preview will check your work, offer suggestions, and allow you to preview your event before making it public.

Change Notices

New event? Need to change a time or location. Have to cancel?

We'll remind people of upcoming events and notify them if an event is changed or cancelled.

Event Publicity

Savvy Citizen gets the word out and allows your citizens to pass along the details using today's social media outlets. Your events become available through multiple channels: web pages, syndication, notifications, social sharing.


Don't want to keep multiple calendars up-to-date? Can't easily change your own website's calendar?

No worries! Our Plugin Add-on* can replace the calendar on your website. Any events or changes put into Savvy Citizen will immediately appear on your website.

Map Enabled

With your event, you can include multiple addresses or plot an area on a map. Your citizens will be able to quickly and easily see where your event is located.

On-Demand Notifications

Any time you need to get the word out, be it a quick reminder or an emergency, Savvy Citizen makes it a snap.

Standard Notices

Have a helpful reminder or general information you want to get out? With a few quick steps, you can create a notification and we'll make sure it gets to your residents (and non-residents if desired) at an appropriate time.

Map Enabled

With your notification or alert, you can include multiple addresses or plot an area on a map. Your citizens will never have to wonder where to go... or avoid.

Emergency Alerts

Alert your residents immediately in the case of an emergency. Savvy Citizen gives you the power to quickly and effectively let your citizens know what's happening. Emergency alerts go out immediately without delay.

Smart Preview

Just like with calendar events, our smart preview will check your work, offer suggestions, and allow you to preview your notification/alert before making it public.

Geo Targeting

With the Targeted Notifications Add-on*, you can create custom zones and send notifications to people in geographic regions.

Or, simply place a pin on a map and send to people nearby.

A Complete Solution

Savvy Citizen is designed to accommodate all of your needs.


Built using the latest technologies and sitting on top of powerful servers with the ability to auto-scale and handle any amount of traffic, our system is available 24x7 and never sleeps.

Cost Effective

Unlike other solutions, Savvy Citizen is 100% stand alone. There is no associated website to purchase or servers to maintain which makes Savvy Citizen affordable and easy to implement.

Easy to Use

Our system is intuitive and straightforward. There isn't much to learn and help is integrated. Just schedule an event or create a notification and Savvy Citizen takes care of the rest.


Savvy Citizen allows you to setup your team based on your preferences. You can add as many team members to your account as you want and even manage who requires approval before events and notifications go public.

Getting started is easy.

In just a few simple steps, your community will be up and running.



Registration is simple, easy, and free. We simply need a little bit of information to verify you represent your community.

There is no commitment to use the service.


Review offer.

Once approved, you'll receive an email letting you know that your account is ready to be setup.

You'll be able to review your official price, payment options, and any discounts.



Choose your payment plan, and enter your payment method. Your chosen recurring payment will be setup and start immediately.

You can cancel at any time from the website.


Blast off.

You will immediately gain access to Savvy Citizen’s administrative features for your community.

Start setting up shop by creating additional users, populating your calendar or sending a notification.

We'll work quickly to let your residents and those of your neighboring communities know they can now follow you on Savvy Citizen.

Have questions or concerns?

We're here to help.

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* Add-ons are optional features available at an additional cost.