Communicate Effectively

The world has changed

The days where effectively communicating with your residents via the newspaper or signs on your municipal building door are in the past. Community websites clearly have their uses but they are latent. You are relying on your residents to visit your website periodically to keep up with happenings and that just doesn’t happen. Text messages and push notifications on mobile devices are how people get their news, weather, traffic, kids game schedules, dinner ideas, coupons, stock quotes... you name it.

Savvy Citizen makes communication easy

Scheduling an event or sending an alert can be done in a few minutes. Once completed, we broadcast it to your citizens using their notification preferences.

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Why Social Media Doesn't Work

Your message will be lost in the mix

You may find yourself asking, "Why not use social media?". While Facebook, Twitter, and other means of social media have their place, using it to relay important information is not one of them. Your citizens are already being overloaded with posts, tweets, and likes.

In addition, popular social media providers pick and choose which notifications their users receive because there are too many to send to any individual. It is highly possible that they will not be notified and it may not even appear on their feeds.

Lastly, copycat accounts can be created causing confusion among residents and leading to misinformation.

Savvy Citizen Stands Out

Messages from Savvy Citizen stand out among the social media clutter and is guaranteed to be delivered. You don't have to wonder whether or not people are seeing your events and alerts.

In addition, if you have updates, we'll make sure your citizens are kept in the loop.

Savvy Citizen Promotes Sharing

Once Savvy Citizen gets you front and center with your citizens, it makes it easy for them to share events and alerts with their friends, family, and extended social networks.

One shares to three, three share to nine, nine share to twenty seven and viral sharing begins.

Features & Benefits

Scheduling Power

Savvy Citizen has a complete scheduling system that allows for creating recurring events as well as changing or cancelling specific occurrences. We'll let your citizens know what changes have been made so they remain in the know.

Timely Alerts

Get the word out immediately in the case of an emergency. Savvy Citizen gives you the power to quickly and effectively let your citizens know what is happening. Our system can even alert people based on their proximity to an area.

Event Publicity

Savvy Citizen gets the word out and allows your citizens to pass along the details using today's social media outlets. Your events become available through multiple mediums: web pages, syndication, notifications, social sharing.

Geo Aware

Full mapping functionality allows you to add multiple addresses or even outline an area on a map. Your citizens will never have to wonder where to go... or avoid.


Built using the latest technologies and sitting on top of powerful servers, our system is available 24x7 and never sleeps.

Cost Effective

Unlike other notification solutions, Savvy Citizen is 100% stand alone. There is no associated website to purchase or servers to maintain which makes Savvy Citizen affordable and easy to implement.

Easy to Use

Our system is intuitive and straightforward. There isn't much to learn and help is integrated into it. Just create an event and Savvy Citizen takes care of the rest.


Savvy Citizen allows you to setup your team based on your preferences. You can add as many team members to your account as you want and even manage who requires approval before events go public.

Getting Started

Registration is simple, easy, and free. We'll have you setup and ready to go within 2 business days. In most cases you can preview your estimated cost up front and there's no commitment required until you start using the service.

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