E-911 Signs- Shoveling Reminder

From Coolbaugh Township
Sent Mon, Feb 22 @ 9:17am

As the snow continues to fall in Coolbaugh Township, we want to remind residents of the importance of shoveling the snow around you E-911 Address signs at the end of your driveways. These green signs are used to make your property address visible to all emergency personnel in the event of an emergency. The snow removal around these signs is just as important as the snow removal in your driveways and around mailboxes. Please remember that the time you take to maintain the area around your E-911 re-addressing sign may be the time that saves a life in the future.

This notification was posted by Coolbaugh Township. Coolbaugh Township is solely responsible for this notification and unless specifically indicated, no other community or individual utilizing Savvy Citizen is sponsoring, responsible for, or endorsing this notification.

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