A message from Mayor Long regarding Youngwood and the Coronavirus

From Youngwood
Sent Mon, Mar 16 @ 8:57am

At this point in time, best practices concerning reduced social contact and enhanced measures of sanitizing and disinfecting are the norm. Both of which have been overly expressed through higher levels of government and the media. This information we all know has been released by the appropriate agencies involved.

Regarding Youngwood Borough. The administrative office and public works department will continue to conduct business. Frequent cleaning and wiping down of surfaces at the Borough office and the Public Works building will occur as a precaution. The Youngwood Library, as determined by the Greensburg-Hempfield Area Library, will be closed until March 29th.

The current situation is developing daily. Any other announcements from county or state agencies regarding the publics health and well being are yet to be determined. Let us hope that a more restrictive daily routine is not necessary.

A note to leaders of clubs, churches and civic groups where people gather for meetings, services and events. Monitor your members to also follow the best practices and provide comfort to those who may need it. This situation can and has had a stressful effect on many.

Let us remember to support our local business's. During these times we may be staying closer to home and Youngwood has many options to fulfill the basic necessities.

Finally, to families. Stay strong, be vigilant and be compassionate. By supporting and lifting each other up we will be able to pass this unprecedented event in life that is affecting us all.

For the good in Youngwood.

Mayor Kris Long

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