SP Library: National Aviary on Zoom

From South Park Township
When Sat, Apr 24, 2021 from 1pm to 2pm

Celebrate World Penguin Day with the National Aviary and South Park Township Library!

Discover all 18 species of penguin through a PowerPoint journey across the globe, and learn how these unique, flightless birds survive in their habitats. Children will meet one of the National Aviary’s penguin experts and hear cool stories about these tuxedoed birds, from how much of their favorite fish they can eat to colony stories at Penguin Point.

This program will take place over Zoom. Please register at https://www.eventkeeper.com/code/ekform.cfm?curOrg=SPARK&curID=501056.

This event was posted by South Park Township. South Park Township is solely responsible for this event and unless specifically indicated, no other community or individual utilizing Savvy Citizen is sponsoring, responsible for, or endorsing this event.

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